Lots of Gadgets, Lots of Aches

Look around today they are everywhere: stooped shoulders, angled necks and wrists, hands twisted like claws. As people harness their bodies to use more electronic devices in more places, they may unknowingly be putting themselves at a greater risk of injury. Some might say things were easier 20 years ago when employees worked mainly on more »

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Five ways ergonomics changes your life

Ergonomics is a branch of science that draws on engineering, physiology and psychology. It is a made-up word, created by joining the Greek words ergos (work) and nomos (natural laws). While the word might sound obscure, the contribution ergonomics has made to everyday life is anything but. Here are five ways ergonomics shape our lives. more »

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Ergonomics – Comfort you will feel

Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable especially at work. When you are uncomfortable it is hard to think straight and limits you from being able to accomplish your daily task. Spending too much time in poor positions can start to have a bad effect on your health. Ergonomics is all about arranging are environments so we more »

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Build an Ergonomic Home Office

  Whether you’re at the office or work from the comfort of you home, you need to make sure to be comfortable.  Sitting in front of the computer screen for 8 or more hours can be very strenuous on your body & mind.  Here are few things to think about when setting up your home more »

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