Spring Cleaning for your smartphone?

Spring cleaning is for more than just your home. Even mobile devices can benefit from an annual cleanup. In this article I will talk about how clean out those “cobwebs” in your phone increasing productivity, security, and time management. It is extremely important to make updates and upgrades to your mobile devices. When it comes more »

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How to turn off the Clutter feature in Office 365

Microsoft recently released a new feature called clutter. According to Microsoft Clutter is designed to help you focus on the most important messages in your inbox. It uses machine learning to de-clutter your inbox by moving lower priority messages out of your way and into a new Clutter folder. Ultimately, Clutter removes distractions so you more »

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Ergonomics – Comfort you will feel

Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable especially at work. When you are uncomfortable it is hard to think straight and limits you from being able to accomplish your daily task. Spending too much time in poor positions can start to have a bad effect on your health. Ergonomics is all about arranging are environments so we more »

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USB Type C: One port to control them all

  Apple unveiled their new MacBook and with it is ushering in a whole new technology which will potentially affect all computer users. It’s called USB type C. With that here are the four things every user needs to know about USB type C. First, it’s a USB specifically USB 3.1. One of the many more »

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Apple Releases Update for OS X Flaw

  An Apple spokesman has confirmed that an update has been released for the OS X flaw.  The 10.9.2 update addresses SSL in OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mavericks.  On affected machines, you might see the lock icon in your browser search bar closed – giving you a false sense of security.  Your more »

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BackupBuddy Review

  Have you ever needed an application to backup your WordPress website?  BackupBuddy can be used backup and migrate to a new server. The following review from wphub will walk you through download and installation, backing up your website and restoring your website on the new server.  There are step-by-step directions and helpful hints. http://www.wphub.com/plugins/backupbuddy-review/ more »

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Google fiber coming to city near you.

Google just announced that it’s bring their super fast internet & TV service to 34 new cities around the US.  The service offers speed up to 1Gbps, which is more than 100 times faster than an average broadband speed in the US.  With more and more content available online the demand for the service is more »

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iPhone 6 Rumored to Feature 4.7-inch Screen

iPhone 6 rumors have hinted Apple is preparing to introduce a larger screen to it’s upcoming release.  Reports out of Taiwan have now suggested the Cupertino-based company has opted for a 4.7-inch panel.   It has been suggested that the iPhone 6 will upgrade to a 4.7 inch screen, this increase would still make Apple’s more »

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The Benefits of Hosted Microsft Exchange

  The advantages of outsourcing Microsoft Exchange to the cloud. Microsoft Exchange is an email server solution from Microsoft that works extremely well for the small business as well as the enterprise.  Some of the great features of Microsoft Exchange is the ability to synchronize your email, contacts and tasks across multiple devices.  Every email more »

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Locate lost Android phone or tablet & wipe all data – Android Device Manager

How to locate your lost or stolen android device & wipe it remotely. Are you worried about losing your phone or tablet.  What if someone steels it.  What about all of the files that are stored on it. All of us use the phone for more than just making phone calls and texting friends. The more »

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