25 Tech Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

From acronyms ranging from ERP to POS, the verbiage of business can be hard to decipher. Here are 25 terms every small business owner needs to know: Server hosting Servers are devices that support a company’s computer and Internet networks. Servers are typically owned by Internet service providers (ISPs), who lease out server space in more »

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How to respond to nasty emails

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a nasty email, as well as its secretive, vaguely insulting cousins. You know the messages I’m referring to. They don’t need exclamation points or all caps to be full with anger and dripping with sarcasm. Dressing someone down via email is tempting because it’s easy, you have more »

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Three things most successful companies do correct

What do most successful businesses have in common? Using available resources to effectively execute business strategies, maintaining a strong focus on the customer and structuring the organization in order to support company objectives are the three basic building blocks that high-performing organizations, regardless of industry or geography, have in common. That finding comes from new more »

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Maximize interactions between social media & content marketing

Social media market and content marketing have been two different entities but is it possible that they may be a perfect pair? Unfortunately, many companies approach both as if one has nothing to do with the other. The simple truth is that social media marketing cannot function without the others content. If you have no more »

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