Microsoft aims to make machine learning accessible and as easy to use as any other program

Machine learning makes software smarter and more aware. It’s becoming as integral to our collective computing experience as the Internet itself. But how can developers really get started with it? What’s the first step? Microsoft aims to make that leap a little easier with its Azure Machine Learning service. A brief overview of how machine more »

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Could Cortana be the personal assistant we’ve be waiting for?

Microsoft later this year will offer its Cortana personal assistant as a standalone app for iOS and Android devices, Reuters reported in March. The Cortana personal assistant was inspired by the AI character Cortana in the Halo video game series. Microsoft is working on a version of Cortana that will incorporate artificial intelligence advances developed in more »

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Microsoft Surface 3: Is it worth your money?

The Surface 3 is Microsoft’s third attempt at making a lower-cost tablet/laptop hybrid, but will this version of future of computing good enough to attract laptop users? In this article I will discuss the Microsoft Surface 3. The cheaper, smaller brother of the Surface Pro 3, the Surface 3 is aimed at less power-demanding users, more »

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