Network Design

Small, Medium, or Large – Apex IT Soutions does it all.

DESIGN – A good network starts off with having a good overview of all the components that require integration.  Do you have five computers and one office printer?  are your telephones connected via a T-1 line? Do you want to go wireless?  Is your connection capable of handling the load of business needs? These are questions that need to be answered before designing your network.

Apex IT Solutions will take the worry out of designing your network.  Designing a pefect network to suit your needs and allow you to grow will save you time and money, and prepare you for the future.

CABLE INSTALLATION – One of the jobs in network installation is making sure that the right cabling is in place to accommodate the network.  Apex IT Solutions is proficient in installing the initial cabling, including voice cabling such as Cat 3, Cat 5, or Cat 6.  We can also handle a single cable drop, DMARC extension, or cable an entire office.  The finishing touches may require network racks, patch panels, wall plates, or surface mounted modular boxes.  Whatever is needed, we handle it all.

Do you have a network already installed that is giving you problems? We also troubleshoot and test existing cable installations.  Whatever problems you may have with your network, give us a call.  Our work is guaranteed, tested, and error free.

FIREWALLS and SECURITY – Business networking allows individual computers, servers, databases, and telephones to integrate with one another, whether they are in the same building or not. Many businesses in different cities or states function as if they are in the same room together with the help of complex Intranets and the Internet.  One of the key elements supporting business computing systems is good security.  Hardware and software firewalls, spam and email filters, and effective antivirus software are all necessary to ensure the safe, secure conducting of business.

Apex IT Solutions – We make it easy for you!  Just give us a call for a free consultation.  We can determine the issues that require attention, the best upgrades that will positively affect your business functionality, and the most cost effective way to establish and maintain your perfect business network.

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