Data Recovery

Data Recovery

The three most common situations requiring data recovery are operating system failure, disk-level failure, and deletion of data.

When a computer has an operating system failure generally the drive that contains the data is undamaged. In such a case, the drive can be accessed via a different computer with a functional operating system and be transferred to a new data storage device if needed.

When the malfunction is caused by a disk-level failure, the resulting challenge to recover data is greater, and has many potential obstacles.  The failure could have been caused by a hardware issue.  If such is the case, sometimes replacing the malfunctioning parts may be a solution.  However sometimes the disk-level failure is because of a compromised file system, a disk partition problem, or a hard disk failure. Depending on the problem, a solution could range from software-based recovery, to hardware replacement to a damaged disk drive. If the hard disk itself is damaged, there may be limited data recovery potential.

Often computer operators accidentally delete important documents or files from their computer, and later realize their mistake. Should this happen the data is not necessarily lost for good.  Typically the “deleted data” is not erased from the hard drive, but the references to the data have been removed.  Once this happens, the space that the data occupies is made available to overwrite.  Until it is actually overwritten, there is a chance of recovering the data.

As soon as the problem presents itself, call Apex IT Solutions.  We will analyze the problem, and if the data can be recovered, we’ll do it fast and efficiently.